Finding Aditi

Aditi- “I cannot do this.

I will never be able to do that.

My friends are not with me when I need them.

I am not as lucky as my neighbour.

I am not good for anything.

I am a burden on others.

I am unable to sleep.

I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

 These sentences drastically changed the life of Aditi. The fun loving girl was hidden beneath a cloud of gloom when she became bed ridden after an incident. Aditi, the favourite of all amongst her college batchmates, met with an accident at the college fest and her life changed in an unexpected way.

Aditi had just reached her second year of (Hons.) and it was the day of Fresher’s Party for her juniors. Aditi was all set to perform in the college rock band. She was the lead female vocalist of the band and played the synthesizer as well. She gave her best performance till date for the concert at the Party and was followed by the loudest cheer of the evening. However the cheer did not last long and was overshadowed by a loud “Boooooooooooommmmmmmmm!” Everything happened within faction of seconds. The amplifier kept beside Aditi had an electric spark. The electric current was felt on all the instruments and microphones connected to that amplifier. Aditi was the most affected by the shock and immediately fainted after vibrating on receiving a major shock. The sound was followed by silence and then panic throughout the hall. The happily continuing party turned into a commotion. People did not know whether to run to the stage to check whether all the performers are ok or to run away to save their own lives. Some courageous ones went to the stage to check the rock band members. All were fine except Aditi. Two of her classmates tried waking her up by shaking her and splashing water on her face but they went in vain. Ambulance was immediately called and Aditi was rushed to the hospital.


Her parents were informed and they reached the hospital as well. After two hours of examination, the doctor came out with his head down. What he told next came as a shock for Aditi’s family and friends! Aditi had received an immense electric shock which had affected her mind so deeply that her lower body was paralysed. The doctors said that it was not sure when will Aditi be fine again. Only physiotherapy and medicines could make her fine soon. However, the doctor forgot to mention the most important thing for the recovery of anyone- Will Power.

The ever cheerful girl lost her smile somewhere as soon as she regained consciousness and was told about her medical condition. She was suddenly full of negative thoughts and her positivity had vanished. Aditi’s treatment expenses were borne by the college as she was a bright student, always brought laurels to the institution and the incident had happened in the college premises. But Aditi was lost. She was breathing, not living. She had lost all hopes of recovery and transformed from an extrovert to an introvert overnight.

She would hardly talk to anyone on her own. Her days and nights passed with teary eyes. She was dependent on someone even for getting a glass of water. She used to be expressionless while getting her physiotherapy done. Tablets, capsules and injections became a part of her daily routine and she never seemed to be affected by the taste of the medicines or the pain of getting a syringe. Her all time wet eyes were the most horrible sight for her near and dear ones. No one could understand what was exactly going on in her mind as she did not talk about it to anyone. The girl, who was once full of life and the charm of her college, was now sitting almost lifeless on her bed all day long.

Her brother, Aarav, who was studying psychology in the US, returned home the next month after that horrible incident. He could not control his tears on seeing her and rushed out of the room immediately on seeing her to avoid crying in front of her. On getting the first look of his sister, he realised that she was in a state of depression. Swollen and bulging out eyes, dull and expressionless face and sleepless nights as told by his parents; all these were one of the most primitive symptoms of depression. He rushed to his room, took out headphones from his bag and a purse which he had brought for Aditi as a gift with a hope of bringing a smile on her face and rushed to Aditi’s room.

Aarav entered Aditi’s room with the brightest smile on his face holding the gifts in his hands. He tightly hugged her and handed her the gifts. Seeing her brother, she smiled after a month and that brought a sigh of relief for the parents. He sat beside her and kept on talking and joking with an expectation of making her smile but all went in vain. He behaved like a strong man who hid his emotions and was ready to do anything to make his sister smile and walk on her legs again. Seeing her dull reactions, he was doubly sure that Aditi was in severe depression and the sad faces of his parents made him even stronger in his determination to bring her out of it.

Aarav’s arrival has brought some energy and positive vibes back into the house. He had told his parents about Aditi’s medical condition. They had consulted a specialist and her medicines for curing depression had started. The family was leaving no stone unturned to find and bring back their lost and cheerful Aditi. It was a difficult phase but not an impossible one that leads to nowhere. Aarav had given an assurance to everyone that Aditi can be cured. The only thing that was missing was the patient’s will power. She was not in a proper state of mind and was not willing to do anything. Forcing her too much was not the right option at that moment as it would make her aggressive only to worsen the situations.  “I don’t want to talk to anyone,” was her favourite dialogue those days but Aarav was a stubborn and irritating brother who like every other brother, does not like to see his sister sitting silently. One day, he irritated her so much that she threw a cushion at his face. All that Aarav could do was smile. He hid his inner happiness behind a normal sign. This reaction was a sign of improvement and he was happy that his efforts worked a bit. The only thing that was still missing was Aditi’s will power which was making all the medicines and physiotherapies useless.


Aditi’s birthday was coming in a week and Aarav had a plan, an attempt to make her sister all right again. He contacted all her friends and told them about the surprise party preparations. The friends readily agreed to what he told as they all wanted to see her smiling and walking again. Aditi was struggling to sleep on her birthday night, completely unaware of the date. Suddenly she was scared by her friends entering her room wearing birthday caps and carrying party poppers to wish her like every year. They acted to be completely normal and tried to make her forget her legs for some time. Aarav and parents entered with the cake and gifts. Aditi’s face was still again, but this time it had a constant smile. Aarav’s plan seemed to have started working. The cake was cut, gifts were handed over to the birthday girl and the friends started cracking some jokes to create a light atmosphere and tried to make Aditi laugh. Though she did not laugh but smiled at times. It was still a sigh of relief for the family seeing Aditi without tears in her eyes.

Aditi could sleep for two hours peacefully that night, a little more than her usual disturbed sleep. Her brother had planned more surprises for her, the next morning which she was completely unaware of. Aditi was hungry but after her physiotherapy session, her breakfast did not reach her room. Instead, Aarav entered with a wheel chair and ordered her like a typical elder brother that from that day she would not be staying in her room all day. She will go to the garden, have food at the dining table and move across the house on her wheel chair. As expected, she refused to move but on constant insists and requests from her parents, she had to surrender to the orders of her brother. As she was made to sit on the wheel chair she said, “I am a burden on others!” and Aarav hit her head pulled her ponytail and called her a mad girl in a manner of ignoring her nonsense talks.


Aditi had seen her house after two months. She was smiling at times but also sad. She was sure that she will never be able to walk again but her family and friends were determined to prove her wrong. That day, her mother prepared her favourite breakfast and soon she saw her friends joining her at the breakfast. They had taken a leave from the college to make her smile for a day. As planned, Aditi was blind-folded and made to sit inside the car and was being taken somewhere. She did not react much and quietly moved where she was being taken. Her eyes were opened at her favourite fast food joint and she was happy seeing it. She wanted to get out of the car but started crying seeing her legs. Aarav hugged her and took her out of the car. Her friends had arranged a special birthday surprise for her over there. A special table full of her favourite dishes. She was taken to that table and smiled a bit on seeing everything. That day, some emotions were seen on her face after a long time and all were happy seeing some signs of recovery in Aditi. That day since she got tired, she could sleep peacefully at night a thing that had happened after two months.

A week later, she was forced to resume her college by her family. She was not willing to go but Aarav and her friends convinced her somehow. Her exams were about to start a month later and Aarav thought that keeping her busy in studies could help her fight her depression. There were also chances of her smiling at times in the college. Things were very difficult for her at college- stairs, crowd, switching rooms, answering questions of people and facing the sympathetic looks; but her friends were always there by her side. All was going on well and Aditi was trying to recover when one day she passed by the music room and the stage. She was reminded of the incident. She started shivering and tears started rolling down her eyes. Everyone tried to calm her down but in vain. She was taken home immediately and Aarav was scolded by his parents for being too stubborn with Aditi.

Aarav didn’t pay attention to anyone and tried talking with his sister to make her strong, to make her positive and mentally alert. He tried reminding her of her strengths, abilities, the good times she had spent in the past and the good times that will come in the future. He was trying to bring back her will power so that she could be fine soon. He kept on sending Aditi to college and she obeyed him. Two things that happened well were- Aditi had started smiling more and she was sleeping peacefully for four hours now. It wasn’t enough yet better than the past. Aditi was leading a mechanical life yet but her medical reports were showing some improvements. Though she was still paralysed her medicines were being reduced.

Every time Aditi passed by the stage, she was reminded of the horrifying incident that changed her life forever. She used to be numb for a few minutes and think of those happy and cheerful days. Aditi was lost, only her body existed. Though she was still in depression, her condition was improving. She had no hopes of recovery but was still living. Everything and everybody was with Aditi except her will power.

Like a responsible and loving brother, Aarav is still on his pursuit of finding Aditi and her will power. Only he is hopeful that her sister will be out of depression soon and will be able to walk laugh and do everything what she did in the past. While studying depression in psychology, he was told that it can be cured only when the patient is willing to be cured. He smiles all day and carries the wheel chair of her sister to places just to make her smile. He wishes to find the old Aditi and return the will power of his sister who used to sit expressionless on the wheel chair.

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