Fan Girl Moment

Everyone admires a celebrity and is crazy for him/her. We wish to meet that star once in our life and experience our fan moment. That feeling becomes one of the most cherished moments of our life. We are so full of emotions at that time that we fall short of words. I experienced this on 26th January 2017 when I met Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian Cricket Team. As said one falls short of words at such moments, even I was short of words so it took me so long to write on my Fan Girl Moment.

It was 25th January 2017 and I was at my office trying all sources to get a chance of visiting the hotel to meet the Indian Cricket Team or get a pass for the T20 India vs. England to be held on the next day. All were going in vain. I was sent to the office of Registrar of Companies by my boss for some work. Since the concerned person was busy, I thought of scrolling down Instagram to pass my time. Suddenly I saw a contest of Pepsi India and I headed over to Facebook to take part in it. It was for becoming Fan of the Match the next day, get the autographed ball from the winning captain and I did not want to miss any chance of meeting the team. The participants had to caption the given image. Before I could think of a caption, I was called up by the concerned person at Registrar of Companies for the work. Finishing the work I drove back to the office. I was full of excitement as this seemed to be the only chance of meeting Virat Kohli the next day. I skipped my lunch and kept commenting on that post as multiple entries were allowed and only half an hour was left for the entries to close. The contest ended and so did our lunchtime and I was back to work.

I reached home stupidly smiling with a desire of winning the event. I was checking the time again and again because the result was to be declared at 9 pm. My uncle was also busy checking his sources for the match passes. At around 8 pm I checked my phone and there was a Message Request on Messenger. A stranger had messaged me, “Will you be going to watch the match if you win?” I rarely reply to strangers but I replied to him with a yes and there was no further conversation. With a spark in my eyes, I turned on my internet at 9 pm. Soon there was a notification from Pepsi of being tagged in a post. My eyes were full of joy and I couldn’t speak. I saw the post and this was it:


I couldn’t speak and I rushed to show it to my family members. I didn’t speak, I was jumping in happiness. They started asking questions from me like- What? How? Why? When? And I started screaming in happiness. It was my dream of meeting the Indian Cricket team and I was a step closer towards it. I sent my contact details to the concerned Pepsi person and then explained the whole thing to my family members.

I suddenly remembered that I had written a poem on Virat Kohli and I could try handing it to him the next day. I started thinking about the meeting. I shared the post on Facebook and WhatsApp and soon messages from friends and cousins started coming. I finally saved a draft reply and forwarded to the one who enquired about it. I was on top of the world. It was hard to sleep that night but I had to sleep to avoid dark circles.

The next morning I finished my breakfast in a hurry. I did the formatting of the poem on Virat and went to get it printed. Meanwhile, I received a call from someone from Pepsi and was given some instructions. I then contacted a BCCI person. He gave me further instructions and told me the place from where to collect the ticket. My poem plan was disapproved by him and I thought it was better not to insist further. But, I still carried it in my sling bag. I had not seen the post-match presentation ceremonies on TV earlier so was unaware of what exactly was going to happen.

I thought of going to the stadium by public transport to avoid distant parking hustle. I reached the stadium at the place where the BCCI official had asked me to reach. I called him up and he handed me the pass of Directorate Pavilion. I smiled at him and rushed to the entry of the pavilion because it was going to be my first match at the stadium and that was going to be sitting at the Pavilion. There was some problem at the entry which was sorted out by the BCCI person when I called him up. He then told me that he will contact me in the middle of second innings and I went up to my seat to enjoy the match. More than enjoying the match I was busy praying for India to win the match so that I could get the autograph from Virat Kohli. I was also busy attending calls from my parents as they were concerned for my safety and wanted to know when and how will I get the autograph.

India’s score was not good enough still I had hopes of India to win. Those hopes were soon shattered when England batted well. I received a call from the BCCI person during 12th over while England was batting. I clicked a few final stadium selfies and struggled to make my way through the crowd and reach down to the place where I was called. He was giving me instructions about what to do and what not to do. I was instructed not to talk to the players while I would be standing next to them. The ball and the marker were ready in my hand. Listening cautiously to the instructions I walked through the stadium in the VVIP area. The worst instruction that I heard was my phone being taken from me when I would step on the field. I requested him to click a picture of Virat and me but it went in vain.

While I was sitting in the VVIP area, I was observing the way everything was being planned and managed by the concerned persons. They addressed me as the lucky fan. I was lucky but I was not that happy as India lost the match. The match ended before 20 overs. I watched the Indian team sadly walk back to the dressing room. I saw everyone from quite close. Soon I was asked to come on the field. I adjusted my bag, checked my hair, took off my spectacles and walked like a VIP on the field amidst a few policemen. I started smiling finally. The background posters were being set, the lights were arranged and around 50 cameramen stood there. I was told my position where I had to stand. My eyes were searching for Virat Kohli.

I was unaware that Eoin Morgan was standing next to me. I heard someone saying “Captain.” I turned and saw Moeen Ali and Eoin Morgan were talking to someone. I was trying to capture those moments in my eyes. Soon I saw Virat Kohli coming out of the dressing room. My eyes were stuck on him. I couldn’t believe that I was standing there seeing all this. I kept staring at Virat and he gave a smile as he walked closer and saw me smiling like a silly girl. I waved him “Hi” and he waved back gently. It was a dream-like moment. I was telling myself not to keep calm and had an awkward smile at my face when Virat came and stood on my right.

Image Credits: BCCI

His bright and sparkling eyes, sad on India’s defeat still trying to smile, he stood there doing some stretching exercises. I was constantly looking at him ignoring the fact that Eoin Morgan was standing next to me. I tried looking at that BCCI person to ask him to click a picture but he was too busy to look at me. Virat stood there completely carefree, not like the conscious one who is seen on the camera. He then started adjusting his clothes. His t-shirt was loosely hanging outside his lowers. He tucked it in and made sure he looked perfect. He then started looking everywhere around. Our eyes met and we smiled again. I was about to take out my poem from my pocket but a senior officer came and stood between me and Virat. Trust me, I am not angry very often but I was too angry then. The post-match presentation ceremony started and I could see myself on the screen.

Image Credits: BCCI

Then time just flew. Introduction of the esteemed sponsors, vote of thanks, Virat’s word and then autograph time. All lights and camera were on me. I got the autograph, said thank you and Eoin Morgan went for his interview. I turned right and saw Virat quite far walking with the bouncers. I was called by the BCCI person, he handed me my phone and I left the stadium admiring the ball and cherishing those 15 minutes when I stood beside Virat. I didn’t hear anyone else but Virat’s words stuck to my mind and heart. I was magically motivated by his aura and I smile whenever I remember those moments. I was not that lucky still luckier than millions. I hope that I will meet him once again.

P.S.- I have his autograph now. Got through a friend.

PSS- I met him again, had a handshake and got his autograph.

Image Credits: Sportzpics

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  1. Shubham says:

    It’s amazing. You were so lucky to be there but your writing gave you the ticket for the match. Keep it up. I wish you get a selfie with Virat soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aarohykapoor says:

      Thanks. Yes all credit goes to Writing. Selfie yes, even I wish for it.


  2. Really enjoyed reading this. You have captured every emotion you went through beautifully. I could feel your excitement, anxiety, nervousness and finally the joy. Keep it up!


    1. aarohykapoor says:

      Thanks a lot. 😊


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