Book Review- The Quest of the Sparrows

5 Stars to this book

A must read book for you if you want to improve your lifestyle. You may not believe in sermons or might not be in a habit of listening to them. Even I stay away from them buy this book is close to reality. The day to day struggles of life are expressed in a very simple manner. The solutions given in the book are easy to be followed and practised.

Nikhil, a man from London comes to India to seek peace of mind like many other foreigners. It may sound astonishing to people but yes he finds peace. The preaching of Guru influences his life like never before. Along with him, there are many others in the journey to find their own better selves and connect with the Divine. Few return back midway, few called them mad but the ones who stayed till the end knew the real meaning and purpose of life. They walked away from worldly pleasures and realized that there was a life possible without them.

What you get to learn from this book?

  1. You are better than what you assume.
  2. The way you are looking at the world can be improved.
  3. The world will be a better place if you are kind.
  4. Staying away from technology and materialistic world for a while will not harm you. It will rather give you peace.
  5. Life is difficult at times but the better phase waits for you beyond those difficulties.

The Newton’s Law of Action and Reaction is beautifully linked with Karma explained in the Geeta. Everything that goes comes around back to us. You just need to be patient and choose wisely. You can lead a simple life just like the sparrows for a while and experience the happiness and relief that it holds.

Cover- 4/5

Plot Development- 4.5/5

Title- 5/5

Narration- 5/5

Overall- 5/5

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