Book Review- Compensate the Past

Well the title is an interesting one. It makes you instantly wonder why this title and is it really possible to compensate one’s past. The book is equally interesting as the title. This socio-economic love drama book has a very different storyline that can easily grip the readers into the book. You will forget the time and wish to finish the book in a single go.

We always wonder how good it would we if we can change our past errors. Certainly that is not possible but we can always compensate our past evils by doing something good in the present. This is done by the protagonist of the story Rajat. He is a management student who is determined to do social work. He wants to make the lives of others better so that they do not have to suffer how he had suffered in his past. This goodness was in him since his early childhood days and even continues in him when the entire world seems to be against him. Such people are difficult to be found and when you find someone like them, they leave you spellbound with their aura. The protagonist has wisely linked his management studies to real life concepts which most of the student fail to do. The other protagonist Taniya and Abhi have also been beautifully portrayed and they justify their characters. You definitely find people like them in your real life.

Talking about recommendations now! If you are bored of reading extremely long and bulky novels then read this one. You will finish it soon and it will make you feel fresh. And obviously if you are a management student then do read one. Demand & Supply, Inflation and other economics topics have been beautifully related to real life topics in ways that you could have never thought of. Others also read this book. The story is sweet and impactful.

Title- 5/5

Cover- 4/5

Plot- 4/5

Narration- 4/5

Overall- 4/5

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