Book Review- Served With Love

Served with Love title makes you feel that there is a connection between food and love in the story. Yes, it is a justified and beautiful title just like the story. It is a love story between two chefs of a five star hotel.

This is not a regular love story with fairy-tale romance and teenage mischiefs. The story is more of a mature love story. It is not a smooth ride; there are ups and downs in the story. The female protagonist Pakhi has the responsibility of her three year old niece on her shoulders. The mail protagonist Abhimanyu is not in his youth. He is a middle aged man in his forties who prefers to stay away from love and relationships. He fears losing people because he had lost his parents at a very young age. This love story is more beautiful than the regular ones. It is not just about two individuals; it is about the people around them as well. Even the negative character in the story is perfectly described that makes you actually hate the character.

The two were not close all the time. There were distances between them and they were respected by the other one. In the time when people are running behind physical beauty and money, there are stories which are beyond age and beyond just two people.

Though I am not a love story fan but I thought of giving this one a try. And it was worth it. I completed the book without a break. The emotions and the narration were perfect to keep the reader glued to the book till they end. The story gets predictable at times but is unpredictable at the next moment. This love story makes you realise the real essence of love and family. I recommend this story to everyone who reads so that they feel good and think good.

Title- 5/5
Narration- 4.5/5
Plot- 5/5
Cover- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

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