Book Review- An Intellectual (Part 1)

I did not expect such a good content from this book. An extremely thought provoking book that makes you think about the essence of life in a different way. I love reading philosophical books as they make me think more about life and learn something good. This one was a different one from others as the entire book is a conversational one. You expect the philosophical books to be giving you lessons in every other paragraph but this one makes you think. Afterall nothing good can happen in your life unless you think differently.

The title of the book is absolutely suitable for the story. Since the book is full of intellectual conversations, you instantly start feeling that the characters (and obviously the writer too) are some intellectuals. The characters in the book have been beautifully portrayed. They are contrasting each other which give rise to more meaningful conversations. They keep you involved in the book and you feel connected. You cannot complete this book quickly. It involves stimulation of thought process and makes you analyse the situation and the content. Then only you can get the real sense of the book. Yes but you cannot put down the book for long. Once you absorb the content, you will instantly feel like reading further.

Yes, there is a constant question in the minds of the readers while reading the book- Whether the protagonists will come closer or get away from each other because of the contrasting differences between them? The question will only be answered once you read the book.

This book is worth reading. You need food for thoughts at times and this is the right one. You will get to learn something good from the book.

Ratings of the book for me—

Title- 4.5/5

Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 3.5/5

Narration- 4/5

Overall- 4/5

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