Book Review- It’s Got to be Love

The book is not just about love, it has various other human emotions too. The most common topics of love and friendship have been beautifully expressed in this book. These topics connect instantly with the readers and so did this book. This book completely does justice to the title and keeps the readers engaged in the book. It is hard to put this one down.

The characterization is undoubtedly beautiful. Dev, Vikram, Amrish and Vani are some characters that you can relate. They might take you down the memory lane and you might recall someone like them that you might have met in the past. College time beauty is highlighted in this book that is the plus point. Everyone misses college days and this is the reason why this story has successfully settled in the hearts of the readers. Love, infatuation and friendship are the most common emotions that everyone faces during their college days. Sometimes it is even hard to draw a line of difference between them. The story talks about that.

The plot is a common one but is expressed nicely. This does not make the book boring or predictable one. The story is both simple and complicated at the same time.

The cover is eye-catching and attractive. It will make people instantly eager to know about the book. The title is simple yet catchy.

The things in this book that made me upset were the grammatical errors. They were enough to bother the readers at times and might break their flow while reading. Besides this, the narration was too quick at places. I felt that the author was in a hurry at times to introduce the next scene or element into the story. However, it is a treat for romantic novels fan. Worth giving a try if you are not someone who cannot digest grammatical errors.

Plot- 3.5/5

Narration- 3/5

Cover- 4.5/5

Title- 4/5

Overall- 4/5

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