Book Review- I Wear The Smile You Gave

I am not a fan of love stories so I had never expected this book to move me. But I was pleasantly surprised as this book proved me wrong. This book was given to me by my friend and I could not resist reading it.

Ajeet, Sumi and Aditi have been beautifully portrayed in the book. You might fall in love with the characters so be careful. Besides normal emotions, love and romance; tragedy is also a part of this book. This makes this book even more beautiful as life is not just about amazing moments. There are some things that happen in our lives that make us immensely sad and are beyond our control. So the book is closer to reality. Again thanks to my friend for recommending me this one.

The title is lovely. It is catchy and makes the audience enquire about the book instantly. I received positive vibes when I heard this title. I felt that yes it is true. Life does not stop if someone leaves, it continues and most of the times with sweet memories. Not every time life is hard when someone exists, it can be made better with the will to smile.

The cover is beautiful. It suits the story completely and gives you an idea of the emotions contained in the book. It highlights the maturity and strength required to lead a happy life. You cannot lose your smile if you decide not to lose it. Life at times betrays you and moves against your plans, but that happens to give you something better with more happiness.

Romance lovers, it is a treat for you! And so for other readers! Do give this book a try and enjoy your hours of reading.

Cover- 4.5/ 5

Plot- 4.5/ 5

Narration- 5/ 5

Characterization- 5/ 5

Overall- 5/5

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