Book Review- Secrets, Sins & Struggles

When feminism is at its peak everywhere and people talking about it, I got this book at the right time. It revolves around women and the things happening with and around them in the most appropriate manner. The book has been divided into 5 stories that revolve around different women who live in different parts of the society. Their lives are different and so are their journeys.

Talking about the stories now!

Brothel to Assembly-

This one is full of emotions and thrill. What you learn from this one is that with a strong determination, you can achieve anything and everything.

Love Corporate and Custody-

This story is about sacrifice. Sacrificing is not an easy task and when you do it with pure heart, you are sure to be rewarded later.

Madam Bureaucrat-

This one has an element of love and hope. A ray of hope can easily bring you out of the worst situations.


This one is about relationships. The relation between a husband and wife is highlighted but with an unexpected angle. There is a twist in this story.

That Rave Party Night-

This story is about trust and betrayal. It teaches the readers to be alert and cautious at all times to avoid repenting later.

This book is not for a particular class of audience. It can be recommended to everyone as this is a thought provoking and eye-opener. Happy to have read such a book! The most important thing that you will realize after reading this beautiful piece of work is that you are not the one who is leading the most difficult life. There are people who might be struggling more than you. Instead of cribbing over your situations, you need to try and look out for a solution to keep going further.

Cover- 4.5/5

Title- 5/5

Plot- 5/5

Narration- 5/5

Overall- 5/5

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