Book Review- Mom’s Day Out

When a story is about mother, it has to be the best otherwise it will not be liked by the readers. I must say that the author took a big risk to choose to write on such a topic that can make anyone sensitive or emotional. He has done justice with the subject and brought about a unique point of view in the book.

We have heard of stories when Mom is not available at home for her duties and how rest of the family manages without her. They face some struggles in managing everything perfectly but still cannot match the perfection of mom most of the times. At that time they understand the importance of Mom. But this story talks about the other angle of the same situation. What does a mom do when she is on a holiday; a day off from her duties and routine work.

The story revolves around three moms- Gemmy, Gurmeet and Vinzi. They are friends and are of different age groups. They belong to different socio-cultural backgrounds but are ready to take up an adventure. Gemmy has to submit an article for which she is short of ideas. She comes to a conclusion to experiment out herself to get some ideas for her article. This is what the story is around. The three friends decide to set off on their adventure holiday; away from worries and responsibilities. Moms are on a day out while their husbands are trying hard at their homes to fit in their shoes. Too many interesting events happen on their day out. I won’t be a spoiler to reveal it but surely this book will not disappoint you.

The book is approximately an hour read. It is a light novel but once it sets in your heart and mind, it might change your whole thinking. Mom needs a break and the break in this book is beautiful. Worth reading and also worth recommending to everyone!

Cover- 4.5/5

Title- 5/5

Narration- 5/5

Plot- 5/5 (I wished to give more than 5 stars for this amazing concept)

Overall- 5/5

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