Book Review- Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu

Before I share the review of this book, let me first tell you the reason of picking up this one. Though I love peace but I secretly feel that I am a warrior. I had been fascinated by swords since I was a kid. Till today, I never miss a chance of touching a sword or posing with it (if possible) whenever I get to see one. The sword in the cover of this book caught all my attention and I finally decided to read this one. Glad I picked this up and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The next thing that impressed me was the map in the front. It gave me an experience of time travel. As the note states, this book is not a historical or modern re-adaptation of the Kalki Purana. I was scared at first seeing the number of the pages of the book; it is the thickest book that I have read till now. The sword on the cover made the warrior inside me to take this challenge and it was worth it. Even if you do not like history or mythology, you will like this book because of its amazing narration.

Coming to the characterisation, all the characters have been beautifully portrayed in the book. Be careful, you might get lost in the story. The protagonist is Kalki Hari, an ordinary village boy who is not as ordinary as he is assumed. He is the chosen one by destiny who leaves his tiny village to fight for the protection of his dear ones and his land. He has been bestowed with some super powers that had been sleeping in him and which awake when it is time for him to fight for the good cause. The other characters are Kali, Shuko, Kripacharya, Durukti, Arjan, Bala, Vedanta and many others who have been perfectly fit in various places to let the story proceed smoothly and in an interesting way.

Aarohy Kapoor, Book Review

This book is basically about the fight for good cause. When you are chosen by destiny for something, no matter what happens, you will excel in it. A simple man can turn into a warrior while a bad man can turn good. There are things that are beyond our control and we must dare not mess with them. Yes this is a fictional story but the narration made me totally lose myself in the book and assume everything happening for real. I also appreciate the selection of words by the author. The words had been impactful and made me feel reading the story in a historic background.

What particularly impressed me were some lines from the book! They are real in every sense. Some of them are:-

  • “Surely the Gods didn’t send him for me” (pg. 77) – Think about this in the present scenario (You might replace Him with Her). So it is the most practical line in the times when someone leaves your life. You need not be upset, rather need to move on.
  • “Kalki had been always the more adventurous and stronger one, unlike Arjan, who took steps only after thinking hard.” (pg. 96) – I could connect with this line. I felt that I am like warrior Kalki as I am adventurous and strong.
  • “This is not what I expected.” (pg. 120) – The most realistic line about life because life is contrary to our expectations most of the times.
  • “Cowards give up after a defeat. But those who get up after the defeat are the real winners.” (pg. 258) – This is the line that can keep you motivated in your low times.
  • “I need to use my weakness as my strength.” (pg. 389) – This is the line that everyone should stick to their minds if they want to succeed; probably it is one of the keys to the doors of success.

Though these lines have been used in a different sense in the story but this fiction story is close to reality because of such powerful lines. Kalki is the ‘Dharmayoddha’ and will fight to let the good prevail. The story is all about that and is full of a variety of emotions. The editorial errors can be ignored because the story is worth it.

Cover- 5 / 5

Plot- 4.5 / 5

Title- 5 / 5

Narration- 5 / 5

Overall- 5 / 5

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