Book Review- Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Career dilemma is faced by almost everyone in this country. You wish to do something but your parents are not ready for it. Long debates, discussions with elder cousins, relatives and the so called counsellors become a part of the daily routine of a person who has just completed his Class 10th Board exams. As per expectations, a teenager expects to be free after appearing for his her board but the reverse happens. It is the time when the actual tension and struggle starts.

This book revolves around the protagonist Akhil Anand who has just finished his class 10th exams and is surrounded by questions about his career. Due to the advice of some people and his father’s wishes, he leaves his dream to become a chef and tries to make his career in the field of science. Though his mother was supportive of his dreams but his father did not support his dream and called it illogical. His mother’s support could not stand against his father’s wishes and he had to leave his dream. The book is all about his journey while building up his career, his college life and his friends. It is also about what happens when you are just leading a life with no satisfaction at heart and have to give up your dreams. The life is more difficult that way but you still have the feel that “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright!”

Well in this book I found the spark missing. It was just a plain and simple read. At some parts, the events became too descriptive. This is the story of almost every person who has to choose the career not according to their own wishes but as per the wishes of their parents; but the book could have been presented in a better and more interesting manner. I didn’t find it captivating. Yes, but not a bad book if you are thinking of reading a simple story.

Title- 3 / 5

Cover- 3.5 / 5

Narration- 3 / 5

Plot- 3 / 5

Overall- 3 / 5

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