Book Review: The Big Switch- It’s Never Too Late

I love reading fast paced novels. But yes due to this I end up choosing a wrong novel at times because if the novel is extremely fast paced then it leads only to confusion and no conclusion. Luckily this did not happen in this book and I was happy reading it.

Keith’s story is an interesting one where he is in a never ending dilemma. This story is about switching to something that one cannot even imagine in their wildest imaginations. And when the switch is on the professional front, interviews are bound to happen unless you are setting up your own business. This story is something related to that. If you have ever switched your career on a different track then you will be able to relate to this story and enjoy it even more while reading.

For me, the novel could bring no better option than just reading it quickly. It was a fast paced novel which is in a kind of hurry to end itself. And I enjoyed reading it. It became predictable at times but still it was narrated well. I did not like the cover very much but gladly the novel did not disappoint me.

Recommended for the ones who are looking for some interesting fast paced book. It can be a good travel buddy for you and will not let you feel bored.

Title- 4.5 / 5
Plot- 4 / 5
Narration- 4 / 5
Cover- 3.5 / 5
Overall- 4 / 5

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