Book Review: Aditi’s Kitchen Diary

I love cooking. If I have to list out 3 things that love the most; books, music and cooking will be the three. I can cook vegetarian dishes and enjoy trying something new every time. Though most of the things are available on the internet these days but sometimes checking out books for cooking is fun. This book reached me at the right time.

The book has over 100 dishes. The book has been properly divided into proper sections so that it is easy to reach the desired dish. These categories are dipping sauces, chutneys, pickles and jams, salads, sandwiches, fish, chicken and mutton, vegetarian, rice, dessert and instant homemade masala. To make the things easy for the readers, even some basic translations are given at the end of the book along with some coloured images. I have tried a few chutneys, sandwiches, vegetables and desserts from this book and the result turned out good. General discretion is required while taking the help of any book so that you can make the food according to your taste and it will be required for this book too.

The book has covered the basic Indian cuisines and you might get water in your mouth just after having a look at its index. It has been well presented by listing out the ingredients with the help of numbers and the method is even listed in points so that there is no confusion while cooking. I recommend this book to those who love cooking and are not afraid to try new delicacies. I loved trying some of the dishes and waiting to try more of them. Not tried the non-vegetarian dishes!

This Aditi’s Kitchen Diary can even become your kitchen diary because the dishes are worth trying.

Cover- 5/ 5

Title- 5/ 5

Presentation- 5/ 5

Selection of Dishes- 5/ 5

Overall- 5/ 5

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