Book Review: Pralay- The Great Deluge

From the time I read Harappa- Curse of the Blood River, I was eagerly waiting for its sequel. Since mythology is one of my favorite genres and there are very few writers who do justice to this genre, you have to patiently wait for some good books to come. Whenever I read the word mythology, an image of sword automatically pops up in my mind and I start feeling like a warrior. I had been eagerly waiting for this book and happy to have completed it finally.

Pralay is a fast-paced novel that is not set up in a particular place. It revolves mainly around Harappa and Benaras- the two names of the cities which have a great historic importance and instantly take you back in the past. The characters have been well described and fit well with the flow of the story. Vivasan Pujari and his turning into an evil man have been well described. Saptrishi and Vidyut are the other characters that have played important roles in the progress of the story. The story with all these characters and concept can be labeled as the perfect blend of mythology, history, and thriller.

The plot is amazing and it deserves applause for such intense thoughts. The title is apt for the story. The narration at some places is amazing and makes the readers actually visualize the events that are happening in the story. However, in the middle of the story, the narration becomes slow in some instances. Some events were described too much which made the story a bit slower. The cover is good but it could have been better. The font on the cover broke the beauty of the graphics on the cover for me.

I recommend this book to all the mythological lovers.

Cover- 3.5 / 5

Title- 4 / 5

Narration- 4 / 5

Plot- 4.5 / 5

Overall- 4 / 5

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