Book Review: The Self Directed- Learning Ways

Motivation and self-help have been my favorite genres for a long time. I always prefer non-fiction over fiction because it gives me something to learn, unlike the fictional stories that stay in mind for a short time (Harry Potter series is an exception to this for me). Whenever I find a book that has a motivating for self-help subject, I instantly pick it up to read.

This book has various tips that teach an individual how to lead a life. You need not take a help from someone to get the things on the right track in your life. Small changes in your outlook or lifestyle can turn your life to the happier side and you will get to know these tips through this book. The book will fill you with optimism and you will be motivated to help yourself in moving in the right direction.

The book is short and you can finish it up in an hour. Therefore, it will be good while you travel or want to take a break from your routine for an hour. The cover is simple yet a decent one. The title is completely apt for the book as it will help the reader to go on the right track without taking help from others. The narration is simple yet gripping to make sure that the readers are constantly interested in knowing more tips about life. However, in the presentation of the book, I felt that new topics could have begun from a fresh page. Beginning something from a fresh page helps the readers in creating a fresh mindset before reading it.

I recommend it to the people of all age groups. You can these simple life tips in various situations and make your lives better.

Cover- 3.5 / 5

Narration- 4.5 / 5

Concept- 4 / 5

Title- 4 / 5

Overall- 4 / 5

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