Book Review: Earth To Centauri- Alien Hunt

Since the time I have actively started reading books, I was looking for a Science Fiction book. The main reason behind this search was that I enjoyed watching Science Fiction movies as a kid. I never missed an episode of a cartoon show or cartoon movies that was based on some science fiction. Whether it was Ben 10 or some of the science episodes of Tom & Jerry, I enjoyed watching them. As soon as I came across this book, I could not resist reading it because it had the word “Alien” in its title.

The story is based on future and talks about the time when life is discovered on not just one but two planets besides Earth. The names that were used in the story were good but took time to settle in my mind- RyHiza, KirfWyss, Anara, TrueKif were some of the names that added extra effect to the alien element in the story. The sequences of wars, the way the planning of the wars and the way the instructions were given to the people made this story a gripping one. The war is not just a normal because it extends beyond Earth. The story has a good element of thriller and you will only be able to figure out more about the war when you read the book.

The cover is good but I believe that making it more colorful would have resulted in a better cover. The title is apt for the story and the tagline “Alien Hunt” attracted me to the story. The narration is a good one. Though in some areas, I felt the things were confusing and I had to reduce my reading pace to understand the alien things well. But the story has been described well and the readers can visualize the story if they read it seriously. The plot is a regular one though that is normally expected from Science Fiction books. The narration and good thriller element have pulled up the story and kept me involved in the book.

I recommend it to all who enjoy reading science fiction.

Cover- 4 / 5
Narration- 4 / 5
Plot- 3.5 / 5
Title- 4.5 / 5
Overall- 4 / 5

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