Book Review: One-Minute Super Dad: 99 Magic Moments to Raise Amazing Children

Non-Fiction shall always be my favorite. Though there are too many books coming in this genre but not every non-fiction book is amazing. It all depends on the way it is narrated and how well the practical aspects are kept in mind. Though reading a book on parenting tips is not relevant to me at this age but you can always read a book and pick up something good from it.

Without any doubt, this is an amazing book that is every man must read. Whether the man is about to be a father or is a father, this book has some of the best tips on raising children well. The tips are simple and can be easily followed by anyone. To make the things clear in a better manner, some of the subjects and their solutions are listed down in points. The tagline of the book says, “99 Magic Moments To Raise Amazing Children”. In the book, you will find 99 points in the middle of different chapters which are referred as One Minute Magic. They are amazing to read.

On a lighter yet serious note, I am sure of one thing after reading this book. It is that I have been raised up by a Super Dad because I am an Amazing Child.

Aarohy Kapoor, Review

The cover is a good one. The “A” in DAD has been beautifully replaced by a man with his child. That illustration is a nostalgic moment. The title is also perfect for this story including the tagline. The concept is good because there are many books as parenting tips for mothers but fathers are left behind in this. The narration is beautiful and the author has made the book an interesting one.

Thanks to the author, publishers and the entire team for bringing up this beautifully written book.

Title- 5 / 5 (I could have given it more if it was possible)

Cover- 5 / 5

Narration- 5 / 5

Concept- 5 / 5

Overall- 5 / 5

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