Book Review: Passport Is My Favorite Book- Rejoice When Magic Touches Your Life (A Narcissist’s Memoir Book 2)

Passport Is My Favorite Book

Travel; it is one word that makes me happy instantly. I have too many travel goals and whenever I find a book related to travel, I pick it up without any second thought. It helps me travel without moving my feet and I can make better travel goals after reading such books. This is my love for travel and my dear ones know well about it. Here is my review of this travel related book.

The story revolves around Zehen and his travel journal. He left India and went to some of the Russian places. The purpose of this travel was to avoid an event in India. He took this trip, met some new people there, some friendly people and was enjoying his life. However, everything did not go well. There were some troubles, police encounters and the things did not go as planned. There were language issues too and Zehen was often stuck with directions. Sometimes, he even got carried away after meeting new women. There is also a romantic track amidst the travel elements.

Aarohy Kapoor, Review

The cover is a decent one. Making it more colorful would have made the book look more attractive. The title took my heart away instantly. It will attract every person who loves traveling or wishes to travel more in life. The plot is okay and slightly predictable one. However, the book would have been better for me if it would have only been travel based and no romantic track was inserted into it. The narration is good. But, I felt that the main storyline and the backdrop or past tracks could have been separated with the help of proper formatting. This would not have made me wonder how this has come into the story! Also, the place description was boring at places but the journey description was always amazing.

Recommended for those who are interested in reading travel stories and want to get lost in far-off places! Others, you can read this story if you are looking for something different and appreciate the stories that involve travel details.

Title- 5 / 5

Cover- 3.5 / 5

Plot- 3 / 5

Narration- 3.5 / 5

Overall- 4 / 5

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