Book Review: Swear You Won’t Tell?

I cannot resist reading thriller books. I may be biased for this genre but I enjoy the number of twists, turns, and suspense elements. These stories are the most interesting and keep the interest of the readers into the story. While reading a thrilling story, you are always curious to know what will happen next which helps me in finishing the story at a faster pace. I got this book as a review copy and here is my review of it.

The prologue began with a set up in a morgue. The serious scene had some comic elements too in it. The story revolves around Avantika who is a girl who does not care about the world. She will speak her out and do whatever she wants to do. She is a reporter and no one takes her seriously. And there is her friend Uday who is shown as a typical guy friend whose aim is just to tease the girl. There is a murder and this murder is of Avantika’s former best friend Laxmi. There are some incidents from the past that come to haunt the present. Amidst all this, the story goes on with its own twists and turns. You will have to read the story to find it out.

Aarohy Kapoor, Review

The cover of the book is good. Blood spill gave an idea that the story would surely be of a murder mystery. The title is good. However, I felt that it was incomplete in some way. The plot is okay and so is the narration.

If you love reading extreme thriller books then you should not pick it up because it is a light thrilling read. The fun and friendship elements in the story made the impact of thrill lesser. You can pick it up if you want to read something light. It had that intense feeling missing.

Title- 3.5 / 5

Cover- 4.5 / 5

Plot- 3 / 5

Narration- 3 / 5

Overall- 3 / 5

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