Book Review: 7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad

You rarely get to read stories on unusual topics. And, when you get to read a good one, the story will remain in your mind for a long time. Well, I am one such reader who wants to explore places and even connect them with the things that I have read in various books. While I am waiting to travel far, I read this beautiful book at the right time. I give it 5 stars out of 5 and here is my review to it.

Well, this book is an informative eye-opener for those who think that living in a new country is easy and the things would be more manageable as the processes are organized and more. It has a collection of inputs from NRIs who have shared their experiences and emotions when they had while moving abroad and while coming back to their home country. These experiences are shared from a variety of people who have moved out for studies, jobs and other reasons. The way things have been explained in this book is amazing and the book has covered the details of incidents that have happened with NRIs in various countries.

The highlight for this book for me was the inclusion of Hindi phrases in this book along with Hindi titles of different chapters and sub-chapters. And, since it is a signed copy, this book is a prized treasure for me.

The cover is pleasing and soothing to the eyes with the designs and colours blending well with each other. The title is perfect for the book. The concept and the idea is great and the way the things have been narrated by the author is amazing keeping in mind that this book is a collection of inputs by various contributors.

Cover- 5 / 5

Title- 5 / 5

Theme- 5 / 5

Overall- 5 / 5

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