Book Review- Jazeera: Legend of the Fort Island

If you had been following my reviews and my blog actively, you would be aware that I am fascinated by stories of kings, palaces, castles, warriors and sword. So, I am likely to get excited to read anything and everything that revolves around these things. This book was a good read but not an exceptional one so I give it 4 stars out of 5 and here is my review of it.

This fictional story is based in the 14th century and revolves around Jazeera, a fort island. The story has a typical war-like set-up that you might have seen in different movies and you might be able to picture some of the scenes as well in your mind. The kidnapping of kids, whispering stories of black magic, the bravery of Avni and Kashvi, Zorawar being the main evil character the actions of the ambitious Sultan of Jazeera and a lot more interesting things are a part of this fast-paced book. It is a great book for those who enjoy reading stories about war scenes based on the history of India.

Though I liked the cover of this book, for me it would have been perfect if it has been less animated. The title is apt for this story. Though the plot is an ordinary one, the narration pulled it up a bit and made this book interesting to read.

If you are not a lover of this genre, you can skip this book. But, if you enjoy reading such stories, it can be a good book for you if not a β€œWow” one.

Cover- 4 / 5

Narration- 4.5 / 5

Plot- 3.5 / 5

Title- 4 / 5

Overall- 4 / 5

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