Quarantine Tips: Things NOT to do when you are at home

You must have read a lot of stories on quarantine tips about-

  • What to do when you are at home during quarantine?
  • How to avoid getting bored when you are at home for long?
  • Things that you can do to make the best use of this time… 

And so on…

But, there are a few things that you should strictly avoid when you are at home. Have a look at this list and know what you should NOT DO to stay happy and healthy when you are at home:-

  • Overthinking is a big NO

If you are a big-time overthinker, it may be hard to avoid doing that when you are free. But, overthinking during this time of global crisis can be harsh on your mental health. You may create imaginary situations in your mind and panic for no reason even in stressed times when good news is rare. Avoid doing that by keeping yourself busy with something. 

  • Spreading negativity online

Most of the people are bound to be grumpy when they are disturbed, busy or seriously thinking about something. This often comes out when you are scrolling social media apps online. In such times, you might type a negative comment, or Tweet an offensive post or dislike something with mean comments on Instagram. This can have a harsh impact on the other end as social media has become a big part of human lives these days. The times are tough for all and a little kindness can help.

  • Ignoring your health

You are likely to need quarantine tips for long as it seems hard for COVID-19 to fade. And, at this time, you cannot avoid taking a risk on your health even when you are at home. Do some regular exercise to keep your muscles and body systems healthy. Focus on ways in which you can build your immunity and avoid taking too much stress. If you have work pressure or are worried about your finances, make sure that you do at least 1 happy thing for half an hour every day to ease your brain.

  • Focusing less on immunity boosters

When you are not stepping out of your home during quarantine, it is a great time to build your immune system. Prefer going for the natural options as they have a long-term impact on your body with minimum chances of side-effects. Do not forget to consult your doctor before adding something to your diet.

  • Being insensitive and inhumane

While you are at home, there are millions of people out there who cannot be safe at home even if they want. If you happen to interact with such people on any day, do not forget being kind. Greet them with a smile, ask them if they are doing well, check on them if they need anything or offer some food and water if you think they need that. Your little efforts can make someone’s day, cheer someone up on a gloomy day or help someone sleep peacefully at night.

  • Forgetting your loved ones who are physically away from you

Quarantine is hard for almost everyone. And since no one has faced it before, it is natural to take time to get adapted with the new normal. While you cannot physically meet your people, call them or make a video call to see their faces every few days. It will cheer the souls at both ends of the call and you will also be assured that your loved ones are fine. You can even catch up with some old friends and have a long nostalgic call with tonnes of laughter. After all, everyone needs some smile and laughter in these tough times.

While these are some things that I could think of out of my experience, I am sure you must be having something more to add. Share your input in the comments and make these quarantine times easy for all with these tips. May we all come victorious out of this COVID-19 battle!

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