Good Vibes vs Bad Vibes: The first indication

Have you ever experienced the power of vibes? A strong positive or negative sensation about a person, place or situation often hints you at the reality even when your primary senses are unable to see the truth. 

There are times when we miss understanding the vibes and commit a mistake only to realize it later what our 6th sense was trying to tell us. That is when we feel the importance of understanding vibes. If you have felt it a couple of times and want to understand how vibes work and how to understand good vibes and bad vibes, here is something interesting for you:-

Signs of Good Vibes or positivity

  • Always carrying a GENUINE smile
  • Respecting others, because, Why not?
  • Accepting one’s flaws
  • Open and honest with emotions
  • Confidence. You cannot ignore a positively confident person around you because of the vibes and aura.
  • Helping others grow without expecting a return by bringing out the best in them
  • Appreciate others
  • Do not get disheartened easily and even try to cheer sad people around them
  • Avoid complaining and forgive easily
  • Live life with excitement and cheer

Signs of Bad Vibes, negativity or toxic character traits

  • Happy and laugh hysterically when others are hitting a negative phase
  • Cruel to ANIMALS
  • They never appreciate you, rather, even insult you in public
  • Never true to words
  • Manipulative when it comes to accepting own faults or play the blame game to save themselves
  • Mock your flaws or shortcomings
  • Lack of empathy and only look at things from a single perspective
  • Aggression to show superiority over others
  • Make friends only for a REASON

Now you know the traits of positive people and toxic people. Make sure that you watch out these traits and identify good people in the first few meetings to avoid all sorts of negativeness in your lives. 

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