My Book

Love cooking and want to try something new?

Check out my e-book with some delicious vegetarian Indian dishes.

Available across the world. Paperback edition available in some countries as well.

Switching to vegetarian food? Or bored with eating the same dishes every time? Time to check out some new cooking ideas that will make you fall in love with food.

Bringing flavours from our kitchen to yours, this book is a compilation of some of the most delicious dishes that my mother has cooked over the years.

This book has been divided into 5 segments-
• Soups
• Snacks
• Main Course
• Desserts
• Meal Enhancers

You might have tasted some of the dishes before and here is the recipe for you. You might be cooking a similar dish in your daily routine but with few changes, you can make it taste better. Or if you are just passionate about cooking, you can always try something new.

Serve delight on the plate with these vegetarian dishes and pat your back for the delicious food you cook.

So, what are you waiting for? Fall in love with food one more time and try some delicious vegetarian dishes with easy recipes given in this book.

And once you try a few dishes, do drop feedback or share your review of how the book has helped you in cooking delicious food.